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Icon nzcom.pdf 586,937 2014/3/24 [02:28:30] NZ-COM - The Automatic Z-System by Joe Wright - User's Manual by Jay Sage and Bridger Mitchell
Icon nzcom_ger.pdf 325,526 2014/3/24 [02:28:30] same as above in translated in german language. A must have on your Z80 system
Icon z3plus.pdf 410,063 2014/3/24 [02:28:30] Z3PLUS The Z-System for CP/M-Plus User's Manual by Jay Sage and Bridger Mitchell
Icon z3plus_g.pdf 461,889 2014/3/24 [02:28:32] same as above translated into german language
Icon z3user.pdf 82,177 2014/3/24 [02:28:32] That's the original- the first - the last - my everything THE USER'S PERSPECTIVE - An Introduction for ZCPR3 - Z80 Command Processor Replacement, Version 3 by Richard Conn. User's Perspective 11 June 1984 ZCPR3 Version 3.0. Thanks to Richard Conn for he give us a lot of more fun with his enhancement of CP/M
Icon zcpr3_installation_manual.pdf 219,859 2014/3/24 [02:28:32] INSTALLATION MANUAL * ZCPR3 -- Z80 Command Processor Replacement, Version 3 ny Richard Conn
Icon zcpr3_installation_workbook.pdf 42,814 2014/3/24 [02:28:32] The ZCPR3 INSTALLATION WORKBOOK by Richard Conn - This workbook takes you through the eight steps of ZCPR3 installation. You should have a copy of the Installation Manual (or SAMPLER) handy as you work through it. This workbook will serve to direct your reading of the Installation Manual and provide a place for you to write down information required during the installation process. There are blanks to fill in and scratch areas in which you may perform computations and make notes; it is recommended that you make all of your computations and notes here. This workbook can serve as a document on how you set up your ZCPR3 system.

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