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Icon NCR-DMV_Systeminfo_(ger_bw).pdf 16,673,370 2016/9/4 [00:41:06]
Icon NCR-DMV_Systeminfo_(ger_gray).pdf 31,037,926 2016/9/4 [00:41:02]
Icon NCR_DMV_circuit_diagrams_(bw).pdf 1,852,183 2016/9/4 [14:12:32]
Icon NCR_DMV_circuit_diagrams_(gray).pdf 16,669,589 2016/9/4 [14:12:32]
Icon NCR_DMV_clock_K803-V001_(ger_gray).pdf 11,932,499 2017/4/2 [21:51:40]
Icon NCR_DMV_clock_K803-V001_(ger_sw).pdf 1,206,838 2017/4/2 [21:51:34]
Icon NCR_DMV_CPM-80_(bw_ocr).pdf 9,201,583 2016/3/26 [17:51:48] Bedienungsanleitung 3. Auflage, Januar 1984 | Einfuerung in das System; Dokumentation zum CP/M 80
Icon NCR_DMV_GW-BASIC_(bw_ocr).pdf 7,668,940 2016/3/26 [21:13:28] Einfuerung in das System; Dokumentation zu GWBasic | Dieses Handbuch, das Sie mit Ihrer GW-BASIC-Diskette halten, besteht aus drei Hauptteilen: MS-BASIC, der MS-DOS-Erweiterung sowie der Beschreibung der GW-BASIC-Erweiterung.Sie haben damit eine vollstaendige Beschreibung der Sprache BASIC in einem Band.
Icon NCR_DMV_Hardware_Erweiterungen.pdf 6,324,132 2016/9/4 [22:55:48]
Icon NCR_DMV_Hardware_Erweiterungen_(bw).pdf 2,522,989 2016/9/4 [22:55:48]
Icon NCR_DMV_MS-DOS_Benutzer_Handbuch_(bw_ocr).pdf 10,398,013 2016/3/27 [11:41:44] MSDOS-2.0 | Sehr geehrter NCR MS-DOS-Benutzer,dieses Buch enthaelt die MS-DOS-Betriebssystem-Diskette und dieDokumentation zur Benutzung der Software. Das Buch besteht aus einer leicht verstaendlichen Beschreibung der Einrichtungen und Funktionen von MS-DOS, waehrend das Programmier-Handbuch das technische Detailwissen fuer den Programmierer vermittelt. Da Sie als Programmierer meist ueber reichende Englisch-Kenntnisse verfuegen, wurde das Programmier-Handbuch in der Originalfassung belassen.
Icon NCR_DMV_MS-DOS_Programmers_Manual_(bw_300).pdf 7,377,280 2016/9/2 [21:43:26] The Microsoft (R) MS(tm)-DOS Programmer's Reference Manual is a technical reference manual for system programmers. This manual contains a description and examples of all MS-DOS systemcalls and interrupts (Chapter 1). Chapter 2, "MS-DOS DeviceDrivers" contains information on how to install your own devicedrivers on MS-DOS. Chapter 3 through 5 contain technical mation about MS-DOS, including MS-DOS disk allocation (Chapter3), MS-DOS control blocks and work areas (Chapter 4) and EXEfile structure and loading (Chapter 5). Chapter 6 describes specialfeatures, such as the timer interrupt support and I/O controlfunctions. Appendix A provides keyboard code charts.The term " MS-DOS" in this manual refers to MS-DOS versions that are 2.0 or higher.
Icon NCR_DMV_MS-DOS_Programmers_Manual_(gray_300).pdf 14,770,624 2016/9/2 [21:43:24]
Icon NCR_DMV_MS-DOS_User_Information_(bw).pdf 16,972,098 2016/9/5 [16:28:32]
Icon NCR_DMV_MS-DOS_User_Information_(gray).pdf 42,816,348 2016/9/5 [16:28:30]
Icon NCR_DMV_MS_Macro_Assembler_(bw_ocr).pdf 3,703,486 2016/3/27 [01:21:20] MS(tm)-MACROASSEMBLER Ver.:1.121 | Microsoft's Macro Assembler is a very powerful assembler for 8086-based computers. Macro Assembler incorporates many featuresusually found only in large computer assemblers. Macro assembly, conditional assembly, and a variety of assembler directives provide allthe tools necessary to derive full use and full power from an 8086,8087 or 8088 microprocessor.
Icon NCR_DMV_System_Technical_Manual_CPM-80_(bw).pdf 16,213,662 2016/9/2 [17:47:24]
Icon NCR_DMV_System_Technical_Manual_CPM-80_(bw_150).pdf 9,631,558 2016/9/2 [17:47:26] In the NCR DECISION MATE V System Technical Manual series, the chapters are arranged in numeric sequence and the appendices in alphabetic sequence: Hardware Chapters 1 and 2, Appendix A; CP/M-80 Chapter 3, Appendix B; MS-DOS Chapter 4, Appendix C; CP/M-86 Chapter 5, Appendix D. The NCR DECISION MATE V System Technical Manuals are designed to provide both hardware and software information: they are intended for designers, system integrators, programmers, and other interested persons who require detailed information on the construction and operation of the NCR DECISION MATE V.
Icon NCR_DMV_System_Technical_Manual_CPM-86_(bw).pdf 21,450,227 2016/9/5 [12:19:14]
Icon NCR_DMV_System_Technical_Manual_CPM-86_(gray).pdf 33,456,386 2016/9/5 [12:19:10]
Icon NCR_DMV_System_Technical_Manual_Hardware_(ger_bw_ocr).pdf 11,332,616 2018/4/18 [19:21:50] As the name says - The HARDWARE -technical manual for the DM-V
Icon NCR_DMV_System_Technical_Manual_Hardware_(ger_gray_ocr_300).pdf 86,085,678 2016/9/8 [21:53:18]

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