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Icon connecting_ide_drives.pdf 138,724 2017/1/23 [00:16:14] This text has been published in TCJ several years ago, in three parts. For your convenience, I concatenated them into one file again. Sometimes the text refers to other articles in TCJ, especially to a description of my ECB-bus based IDE interface. However, I think the information in this text contains all necessary information about IDE interfacing in general. 29. October 2001, Tilmann Reh
Icon connecting_ide_drives.txt 62,509 2017/1/23 [00:16:14]
Icon gide.txt 10,480 2014/4/1 [00:00:00] Technical Documentation State 951012
Icon gideide.mac 4,346 2014/4/1 [00:00:00] Programming examples for IDE hard disk access using GIDE, the generic IDE interface board for Z80 computers.
Icon gidertc.mac 2,473 2014/4/1 [00:00:00] Programming examples for accessing the Real-Time-Clock (RTC)within GIDE, the generic IDE interface for Z80 computers.
Icon gidetest.com 14,592 2014/4/1 [00:00:00]
Icon gidetest.pas 14,208 2014/4/1 [00:00:00]
Icon gide_ide-drive-for-z80.pdf 16,734 2017/1/24 [09:07:00] A usefull information to gide by Herb Johnson. For chanegs look onto http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/gide.html. Thanks to Herb for the details and please take a look onto http://www.retrotechnology.com/ as there is a lot more. For TCJ look onto http://www.kiblerelectronics.com/ and "TCJ Support
Icon hard.280 10,112 2014/4/1 [00:00:00] Harddisk Driver Module of CP/M-3 BIOS'
Icon ide2.tcj 21,120 2014/4/1 [00:00:00]
Icon ide3.tcj 22,912 2014/4/1 [00:00:00]
Icon ide4.tcj 19,712 2014/4/1 [00:00:00]

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