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Icon 8-5inch.pin 3,537 2014/4/1 [00:00:00] A description of the CPU280 floppy diskinterface, with the hope that some of the information may prove useful to those trying to access 8" disks from systems wired for 3.5" or/and 5.25" disks. In this description I am quoting heavily from the REHdesign CPU280 Hardware-Manual provided with this board.
Icon dallas.zip 53,562 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Info for the dallas RTC
Icon dallas_ersatz.txt 1,831 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] Info for the dallas RTC in german language
Icon ds12885-ds12c887a.pdf 265,823 2017/1/22 [23:45:12] Info for the dallas RTC
Icon format_idehd.txt 2,238 2017/1/23 [10:01:30] write E5 to the directory place of the harddisk as we have no fdisk like in msdos
Icon modem.zip 3,776,734 2017/1/23 [00:31:14] RS232 communucation programms from my crashed backup
Icon rehdisk.def 771 2017/1/23 [06:00:46] definitions for 22DIS of the REH280 floppy disk formats
Icon z280form.txt 16,837 2017/2/21 [23:28:36] 167 floppy disk formats the REH280 can handle - more will be added by yourself
Icon z280_reh.pdf 1,439,602 2014/3/24 [00:00:00] my manual I scanned in the past

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