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Icon CPU280-files.zip 475,527 2017/7/31 [09:09:22] including all below. For extracting PMA files goto PMARC_4_xxx folder.
Icon FORM102.PMA 51,584 2017/1/22 [23:45:12] The format-d.com and format-e.com are compiled for TVI 950/912/920 terminalemulaton
Icon FORM104-Changes.zip 22,687 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon FORMTOOL.PMA 12,288 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon OUTJMP.zip 9,368 2017/7/31 [08:52:26] This program searches in CP/M programs (.COM) for command sequences from an output command and a 'Program Flow Change' command (eg CALL/JMP). According to Errata Sheet to the Z280 errors can occur if after a 'External write with waitstates', a command executing the command is executed Pipeline of the processor. In the case of the CPU280 the former is only at I/O-Write (i.e., OUT). Except for CALL and JMP is the pipeline also deleted with PCACHE and LDCTL, whereby LDCTL is privileged and therefore it does not have to be checked here (comes only in the BIOS). Return-Commands are not critical in the case of an external stack (ie, CPU280 in general).The OUTJMP program scans files for the occurrence of such 'forbidden'Sequences and displays these as well as their address.
Icon PREV112.PMA 12,032 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon SYS113.PMA 92,928 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon ZCCP9302.PMA 16,128 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon ZPM3-Source.ZIP 105,051 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon ZPM3N10.PMA 41,728 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]
Icon ZPM3SRC.PMA 112,768 2017/1/22 [23:45:12]

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