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Icon ECB-IDE Manual EN.pdf 271,423 2017/1/23 [08:15:50] The REHdesign IDE-Interface is a peripher device in euro-card format, for use in ECB-bus based micro-computer systems. It contains an IDE hardisk interface (for which it is named), plus an active bus terminator for all ECB-bus signals, a parallel (Centronics) printer port, and circuit for Reset and NMI push buttons. It has been designed as a supplement for single-board computers such as the REHdesign CPU280, but it can be used in all ECB-bus systems.
Icon ECB-IDE_MANUAL_GER.pdf 693,132 2017/1/22 [23:45:14]
Icon HGT Manual EN.pdf 349,262 2017/1/23 [08:24:16] The REHdesign HGT is a complete terminal on an Euro-Card, designed for use in standard ECB-bus based micro-computer systems. The HGT performs communication between the computer and the user by displaying output data on the screen and accepting keyboard input from the user. The interface to the computer (host) is a parallel bus interface with very high transfer rates. As a pure slave device, the HGT is passive on the bus and therefore should be usable in all ECB-bus based computers. As keyboard, a common PC/AT-compatible MF-2 keyboard is used; the monitor is of standard Hercules-type (monochrome, with TTL signals).
Icon HGT_MANUAL_GER.pdf 879,001 2017/1/22 [23:45:14]
Icon IDE+HGT.zip 588,053 2017/1/23 [09:31:36] *.PDF;*.JED; *.PDS

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