U*IX edition 7 clone for the Zilog Z280 CPU

NOTE: UZI280 [*] is based on UZI for z80 by Doug Braun, but will not run on z80, z180 or z380 based systems because the architecture of the mentioned CPU's is far to simple for the current implementation. (yes even the z380 is a much to simple CPU. The design of the Zilog CPU's of the 80's was much more complex and innovative than that of their 90's designs. Maybe time runs backwards at some locations... )
UZI280 is like U*IX edition 7 a full multiuser, multitasking system and has support for binaries with separate I&D, code sharing, process paging, hard-disc cache ... The kernel is mostly written in c and fits into a single 64K memory segment (code size is less than 30KB !).

There are over 200 binaries like less, bc, vi, vsh, battleship, tetris ... available for UZI280 at the moment (without any warranty). The default UZI280 login shell is a striped down version of the clam shell (no alias handling and termcap support just to get it fit on a 16 bit machine).

UZI280 is written to run on a REH-CPU280 card (ECB-bus) with 1 or 2MB of ram, together with the REH-IDE-interface and a bus terminal like the REH-HGT or any serial Terminal.
It could be adapted to any (16 bit bus) z280 hardware by rewriting the low level IO drivers and the memory address tables.

Version 1.12 includes the following bug fixes (seems to be bug free now):



ToDo list .

Click here for downloading.

Last but not least thanks to the people at HiTech for putting their famous CP/M Z80 ANSI c-compiler into the public domain.

[*] Zilog Inc. has stopped the production of the Z280 CPU in Dec. 1995.