U*IX edition 7 clone for the Zilog Z280 CPU

UZI280 download page

Archives for UZI280 kernel and basic installation: (target system CP/M Z280)

UZI280 kernel release 1.12. It contains the kernel, UZI280<->CP/M cross utilities, Z280 optimiser for the C compiler and a set of basic binary files necessary to get a boot-able minimal system for further package installation. (including tar, init, login, clam, ...) (592000 bytes)

You need the public HiTech C compiler (CP/M-80) v3.09 to compile the kernel.

UZI280 tar archives: (target system UZI280 v1.12)

(Note: there is tar but no gzip available for UZI280)

Standard user (62878 bytes) and system (97599 bytes) file archives.

Archive with more than 200 binaries for UZI280 (1368329 bytes).
- this archive contains six smaller .tar archives.

Patched HiTech C compiler binaries for UZI280 set up to produce z280 coded UZI280 files (177437 bytes).

The init and login programs included in the archives above will not work with older kernel versions than 1.12 because of a bug in the exec system call for type 1 binaries!